Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make Money Uploading Files | Top 10 Sites

Today's post is about my reviews on the top 10 sites that offer a make money uploading files program.

If you prefer a slow and steady income from making money online, then you should try to make money from uploading files. It is a free program with absolutely no risk involved, only patience and a lot of work on promoting your link required. Some people may call make money uploading files as "pay per download" or "pay per upload".

So how to make money from uploading files? Well, the first step is pretty obvious, you will have to register an account on the free file hosting/storage site where you need to provide personal information such as email, name and home address. The next step is to upload your files where a unique download link will be given for each upload. To start making money by uploading files, you need to promote those links so other people will download your files. You earn money for each download made on the files. The more people download your file, the more money you will get.

Lets move on with the make money uploading sites. The list was ordered through several aspects such as the value for each download, file management features, payment method and referral commission. My suggestion is to stick with one site and focus on promoting your links.

Top 10 Make Money Uploading Files Sites

10. Ziddu

* Minimum Payout : $10

* Referral Commission : $0.05 per registration

* Payment Method : PayPal, Moneybookers

Ziddu is another popular make money from uploading site that you can join. There is no member status, which means that users can experience the same privilege such as parallel/multiple download without purchasing a premium account, making them the top choice for fast and easy downloading. Each valid download (all country) will be paid $0.001. Click Here

9. FileChip

* Minimum Payout : $10

* Referral Commission : 10% of affiliate points

* Payment Method : Paypal

FileChip pays up to $0.01 per download depending on the size of the file and country of download. They also give 10 free points to newly registered members that joins through any affiliate link. Click Here

8. Uploading

* Minimum Payout : $30

* Referral Commission : 10% of earnings

* Payment Method : PayPal, ePassporte, WebMoney, AlertPay is a reliable make money uploading sites which pays up to $0.02 per download based on the file size and account status(light > base > power > ultra). Status can be upgraded via the number of weekly uploads and downloads and premium member purchase. Click Here

7. Easy Share


* Minimum Payout : $10

* Referral Commission : 20% of earnings

* Payment Method : PayPal, ePassporte, WebMoney, Wire transfer

EasyShare is a great site to make money uploading files. Apart from the normal pay per download(up to $0.002), they have introduced a new revenue sharing program which gives extra bonuses based on the number of premium sales made per 1000 downloads. Click Here

6. LetitBit

* Minimum Payout : $5(Webmoney), $15(Paypal)

* Referral Commission : 25% of earnings

* Payment Method : PayPal, Webmoney

While other make money uploading sites pay an average of $0.001 per download, Letitbit pays up to $0.015 depending on the quality of traffic. Downloads from Russia and US are most valuable but they still pay downloads made from other country as well. Click Here

5. UgotFile

* Minimum Payout : $5

* Referral Commission : 50% of earnings + 20% of premium purchase

* Payment Method : Paypal

UGotfile is among the few file hosting sites that provide the chance to make money from uploading files without actually need to upload any files. They allow you to turn other people files as your own by embedding your referral ID right at the end of the link. You will get 80% profits while the owner gets 20%. They gave you "cookies" for each completed download which differ by countries. 1000 cookies are worth $1 and the highest rate you can get is $0.01(10 cookies) per download. Click Here

4. HotFile

* Minimum Payout : $15

* Referral Commission : 20% of earnings + 5% of premium purchase

* Payment Method : ePassporte, Paypal, Webmoney

HotFile is an easy and secured make money by uploading files site. They have implemented a rank system which give users the opportunity to earn more money as their rank goes higher(copper > bronze > silver > gold > platinum). The size of the file also plays a major role in determining the payout. You can make money uploading files from as little as $0.002 to $0.015 per download. Click Here

3. DepositFiles

* Minimum Payout : $10

* Referral Commission : 20% of earnings

* Payment Method : WebMoney Z-purse, PayPal

Depositfiles is in my top 3 of make money uploading files sites. They generously give a free $5 registration bonus to all new members. On top of that, they have lots of unique features such as loyalty bonus, different commission tariff(higher payout) for active member, contest , flash uploader and much more. You can earn up to $0.03 per download. Click Here

2. NetGull

* Minimum Payout : $5

* Referral Commission : Not available

* Payment Method : Paypal, Moneybookers, AlertPay

NetGull is another high payout make money uploading files site. They give a flat rate per download to ALL country so there is no need to emphasize on promoting to the high paying country only. You will make between 15 to 30 cents per download. Click Here

1. ShareCash

* Minimum Payout : $10

* Referral Commission : 10% of monthly earnings

* Payment Method : PayPal, ePassporte, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Check

ShareCash is the best make money uploading files site on my list. The biggest reason is without a doubt their high commission per download - averaging from 40 to 80 cents, and some might even reach a few dollars!. They pay you with at least 40 cents for any download made from US, UK, CAN, or AUS and at least 25 cents for any other country. Click Here

I would highly recommend sharecash to all my readers. Leave your comments below and good luck on making money from uploading files.

SHARECASH - ( $1 to $40 Per Download )