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List Of Free Legitimate Online Money Maker

With the growing number of sites that deliver a make money online scheme, it is quite difficult to tell which one is real and which one is scam prior to the similarity they exhibit. One thing you should remember is, always try to refrain yourself from buying those self proclaimed ebooks that provide unbelievable offers which is too good to be true. Most of these materials provide money making techniques that were already published on other resources and by which, you can get it for free. Always bare in mind that you cannot make money online unless you work for it. Saying all that, I've compiled the best free methods to make money online from a list of honest legitimate online money maker.

1. Paid Emails

Paid emails or get paid to read emails is an easy and fast money maker technique that is highly recommended for those who loves to check their email regularly. What you need is just a valid email address and you are ready to go - simple and yet profitable niche. Once you have signed up for the paid email site, you will start to receive a stream of emails into your inbox. Here is a tip : To reduce an overloaded condition, create another email account to receive all of the paid email notification so your main email wont get filled with junk emails. Getting paid with paid email is simple, what you need to do is just open the paid email and click on the confirmation link located at the bottom of each letter. You will then be redirected to the advertiser's landing page which you need to view for a designated time, usually between 15 to 30 seconds before they will credit you with cash into your account. The only drawback for paid email is that the compensation is too low ranging from $0.001 - $0.10 and to reach the minimum payout is quite hard a long journey. That is why we need to improvise and to do that, we can make use of the referral program they offer to their members. Here is the best legitimate paid email companies that you can join:

2. Paid Reviews

Paid reviews is an excellent money maker that require a little bit of work but will be reimbursed with high cash compensation. It is a great opportunity for those who loves to write on their leisure time. A typical 200 - 400 words review can take around 20 minutes to complete and shall be compensated between $1 - $20. The concept is simple, you write a review on an advertiser's products, post in your blog and get paid for each approved articles. The amount paid for each reviews will depend on the traffic you draw and the pagerank your blog possessed. This means that the higher pagerank and daily traffic your blog gets, the higher compensation will be paid to you, so its best to work on improving your pagerank first. One thing you should know is apart from promoting the advertiser's products, paid reviews was meant to pass pagerank to the advertiser website as the included advertiser's link on each article has a "do follow" attribute. Google hate this kind of behavior as it exemplify as an action to intentionally spread the pagerank. If you are not careful, it can lead to a penalty which makes your blog pagerank back to zero. Nevertheless, its a chance you have to take if you have decided to make money from paid reviews. Here is some of the best paid reviews or commonly known as paid to post sites:

3. Paid Surveys

Paid surveys is probably one of the most lucrative online money maker on our list. It has been around for decades and will be for many years to come. Paid surveys was meant to collect a statical data response from a targeted area of population on company products or services. In return, the paid survey companies will compensate their respondents with incentives that can be in the form of cash, prizes, gift cards or sweepstakes entries. To be a survey taker, one must meet the age requirement and the geolocation in which the surveys was experimented. This is to say that if you are from Australia, you might not be able participate in a survey that going to be conducted within the United States. A typical paid surveys can take around 10 - 20 minutes to complete depending on the difficulty and length of the study. Here is the best legitimate paid surveys that you can join:

4. Paid To Surf

Paid to surf is a fast money maker program which is fun to join and easy to make money from. In fact, you can even make money without the need to bother about the advertisements as some of the program involve in paid autosurf. Paid to surf is also known as paid to view ads where you must view the advertisements in a predesignated time period in order to get paid. Some of the company will need you to install their surf bar to enable ads surfing while some just need participants to log into their account and view the ads directly from the member account. In a nutshell, we can tell that paid to surf is very similar to paid emails for both involve in viewing adverts on a certain amount of time. This also means that the compensation for paid to surf is also very low as the action needed is exceptionally easy and thus, making it hard to make lots of money just from personal ads viewing. This is why we must make use of the referral program in order to maximize your potential earnings. Here is some of the best legitimate paid to surf sites that you can join:

5. Pay Per Action

Pay per action or often referred as affiliate program is a legit money maker program which mainly involved in selling advertiser products through your unique personal ID. The one reason it is called pay per action is because the compensation will be made after the required action was taken by the publishers. It is either a lead action or a sales action. A lead action will occurred when publishers had attracted visitors to subscribe or complete a sign up form while sales action is a situation where publishers managed to sell advertisers products to an online or offline customers. Compensation for lead action is usually less from what sales action can actually make. Although it is not an obligation to have personal website to promote a vendor's product, having a platform of your own can be very beneficial as you get to approach consumers more freely and effectively. By providing an excellent promotional articles, you can build up trust among your readers and when that happened, there is a high possibility that they will buy whatever products you recommended to them. Here is some of the best pay per action sites that you can join:

6. Pay Per Click

Pay per click is an excellent choice for webmasters to make money online. The key ingredient to be successful in pay per click program is on how you managed to manipulate the ads so that it will blend in to your site content. Always remember that ads which do not looked like ads will attract more clicks and thus, increasing your revenue. As the name implies, you'll only get paid when a click was made on the ads - a pay per click basis. The more clicks you get, the more money will you make. There are many ways to increase CTR(click through ratio) such as position of the ads, color choosing so that it matched your site content and more importantly, a relevant ads prior to what your site is all about. Imagine this, advertisements about cars on a car blog will surely attract more clicks compared to ads about gardening on the same niche. These are the best legitimate pay per click sites available on the net:

7. Pay Per Mille

Pay per mille is another great online money maker program that webmasters can participate in. The word "mille" comes from an Italian word which means thousand(1000) and therefore, PPM can be substituted as pay per impression. The payment will be made based on 1000 of ads impression displayed on your website. For instance, if your eCPM is $1, you will be paid with $1 for each 1000 times the ads being displayed. Usually PPM ads will be in the form of image adverts and are suitable for websites that have a high daily traffic. Here is some of the best legitimate pay per mille sites that you can join:

8. Pay Per Install

Pay per install is very similar to pay per action money maker as you will only be paid after an installation of the advertiser's software being made through your member ID. To be exact, it is a lead affiliate action. The course of the action is quite simple, you promote the link that contains your unique ID and once a visitor clicked on the link and install the required software, you'll make money. A nice trick to increase the number of installations is to make a popup message indicating that one must install the software in order to access the content of your page. Here is some of the best legitimate pay per install program that you can participate:

9. Pay Per Download

Pay Per Download is an easy long term money maker that you can join for free. What you need to do is simply upload a file to the pay per download site and then promote the download link. When other people download your uploaded files, you'll be paid based on the rate the company provide. The more download you get, the more money you'll make. The trick here is to upload files that are widely popular and yields for high demands. Try to participate in forums or online community and promote you download links there. Remember to provide a catchy name for the file so it will attract more downloads. Here is the best legitimate pay per download sites you can join:

Start getting paid with the above list of legitimate online money maker.

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