Sunday, August 23, 2009

CP Money Maker Download

CP Money Maker Download - Free fast 2 versions that works

Do you want to make lots of cp money in no time? Then you have come to the right place! With the money maker, you can generate thousands or even 1 millions of money with ease. Simple follow the instructions indicated in the program after you have downloaded the cp money maker file.

There is one important precaution that you must read and take note before downloading the money maker. Try to limit the number of times you use the money maker. Although you can make money as much as you can, having too much in your account at one time will surely arise suspicions and thus, contribute to the chances of getting banned as well.

You can run the downloaded money maker club penguin as many times as you like but please remember to keep the amount only for the current usage only. If you want more, just apply the money maker again.

We have listed 2 different versions of money maker for you to download. Both were checked and virus free. Below is the information on how do you download cp money maker

1. Download Money Maker Version 1.4 here. Money can be generated from 1 to 5000 points. The money maker can be run as much times as you want until you accumulate enough money.

Here is the cp money maker video instructions:

2. Money Maker Download here. They have 3 versions of cp money maker. The no download money maker is a great feature which lets you to generate cpmoney right from their website without the need to run the file from your computer. Unfortunately, it is down at the moment but you can download the other two.

Remember to come back later as we will keep updating this page for more free working versions of cp money maker download.

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