Thursday, February 19, 2009

Make Money Online Guide for Newbies

Welcome to Online Money Maker Newbies, a blog dedicated to help newbies and beginners to make money online for free. If you are a webmaster, I'm pretty sure that you already aware of the term "make money online". For newbies, don't worry as I will explain in detail what is online money making and how can you benefit from it.

Make money online is a process of using the power of Internet to generate revenue right from the comfort of your own home. There are so many methods that you can use and implement to make money. From paid surveys to earning from your website, all will be count as your money resources. Like any other jobs, to be a successful in earning money online, it requires hard work and patience. You will not become rich overnight, it takes time and also depends on your technique.

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So why must you become an online money maker? Here is the deal, what would you prefer? a steady income with a day job or a small but increasing income with making online money? I would rather choose the latter option. Lets imagine a situation where you can make a decent $2k per month from your day job. Yes, that's quite a good deal if you are single, but what if you are married and blessed with a few children that you are going to feed and support. That amount of salary is not enough and will not going to be. Bare in mind that the income is resulted through your hard work and the tensity on workplace.

Now lets check out the situation on getting paid online. Compared with your day job, in the world of Internet Business, everything is boundless, there is no telling how much you will make money in the future. You will be the boss of your own "virtual" workspace, you determine when will you start making money and stop when you feel like it, just from working on your home. All you need is a computer with a reliable Internet connection and you are ready to go.

Basic Rules Of Making Money Online
Before tapping to the world of earning money online, you must know the basic rules and principles of Internet Business. As a newbie, you cannot afford to missed out any of these key rules or it will rendered you being unable to generate any money.
  • Time Investment
    Do you really have what it takes to be a successful online money maker? Just to let you know, the status of a first class money maker can only be achieved through countless hard work and sheer determination. Ask yourself on how much time can you invest to make money online. For newbies, I would suggest at least 6-10 hours a day. Try to add more as you are progressing.

  • Monthly Target
    Determine your monthly goal. For a start, let's say about $300 a month. Make a journal on your earnings. By the end of the month, reevaluate your total income. If it meets your monthly target, try to set a higher goal for the next month and if it doesn't, analyze your mistakes and turn it to profit for the next month.

  • Quality Traffic
    If you have decided to make money from running a website, then you should focus on driving a high quality traffic to your site. To do this, you need to get a high ranking position on search engine especially on Google. The best solution would be to analyze how their ranking algorithm works. Pagerank and backlinks play an important role in improving your site rank.

General Mistakes On Making Money Online
A clever online money maker will always seek for valuable information on other people mistakes to ensure they will not fall for the same problem. I have listed three most common mistakes that should be avoided by any circumstances.
  • Money Investments
    The most common mistake or misconception for a newbie is the assumption that in order to make money online, you'll need to have money first. This is utterly wrong as many of successful online money makers start off with free methods to earn money online. In fact, some of them didn't even spent a single dime but still managed to make a steady income monthly.

  • Get Rich Quick Scams
    Another mistake would be purchasing fast money making scheme that available on the Internet or should I say... SCAM. This is one thing newbies should matter the most, there is no way you can generate thousand of dollars in just a short period of time like they claimed. You can turn the long hard journey of making money online to an easier process, but you cannot hasten it just by purchasing their product and wait for the money to rolled into your pocket.

  • Don't have a Website
    Not having a website is the biggest mistake for newbies to make. This is because most of the money maker methods revolve around the usage of a website. Why? because one of the most important ways to earn money online is through publishing an advertiser ads, and to do this you'll need to have a website. Simply to say, you'll get paid if the ads are shown on your site which are determined by several factors.

In conclusion, remember to try all of online opportunities I have listed in this blog. For newbies, I would like to emphasize one more time that in order to become a successful online money maker, you must have consistency in your work. Through hard work and determination, making a fortune with Internet Business is not impossible. Good Luck =).

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